Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Game Night

We decided to sit down and play a game last night. Scrabble is always fun and good for us... surprising Snowflake the reindeer is really good at it.

the very creative, very festive gameboard

Lunch Time

Our boys pack their lunches at night, or at least sometimes, so we decided to pake some lunch for them as well as some of our own.
some hamburger helper, gravy and maybe some fancy mayo...
Fle stuck in the pretzle jar.... can't take my eyes off him for a minute

Now some lunch for us. Mini burgers, mini crackers and the very important syrup

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Angry Birds

We hear so many request for Angy Birds stuff up at the North Pole. After playing it we saw why, it's a fun game. So we decided to make up our own version of the game. We got one of the boys sling shots,some gummy Angry birds snacks and since we couldn't find pigs some monkey head erasers, they worked in a pinch.
Angry Birds gummies, and a sling shot, instant game!

JJ helped build, here is one of the set ups we did

a Quiet Night

This night middle Boy B had a friend over so we had to be quiet and careful they stayed up really late. Since this was the case we decided to have a quiet night with their stuffed animals. Since everyone was downstairs we got up into the tall loft and ready a funny Snoopy Peanuts book with all the other animal friends they have.
WE made sure to find the Christmas ones they are always our favorite.
Snoopy always makes us laugh and now we know why they named their dog Snoopy she is a lot like the dog in the books sometimes.

Watch out we're bored!

This time it was charlie who got all wrpaed up in the fun. It's usually Fle making the mess.
Fle was holding the roll for us
I am going to try to catch up on our blog here all at once. Here is a little fun we had Thursday night... we decided the tree needed a little extra "special" decorations.
JJ and Snowflake and reindeer were helping it go round the tree

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cards for Home

Last night we decided to send Christmas card back home. Everyone loves getting mail, especially this time of year when most of the mail is for Santa.
The pens were a little big but we made do. We sent them to Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, Mama and Papa elf, Snowflake and more. Hope the boys put them in the mail for us.

hhhmmm had a little trouble stuf stuffing the envelopes with the cards, Fle kept ending up in the envelopes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doing some decorating

Holding the curtain ring and getting stuck in the lights.
We're back!! Boy it has been a long year and we have learned a lot. We are so ready for our Elf school break and very excited to be back at the boy's house. Havn't had a chance to post picts yet but here we are in the boys bathroom. WE put up a more festive showe curtain and added lights, can never have too many lights.

Hanging light over the shower curtain

our Reindeer helper holding the lights

Can't wait to share more of our fun times.